Mahatma Gandhi Inspirational Quotes

"An mistake doesn't become Truth by reason of enlarge propagation, nor does Truth become error because no one sees it....

Mahatma Gandhi Inspirational Quotes

mahatma gandhi quotes

"An mistake doesn't
become Truth by
reason of enlarge
propagation, nor does
Truth become error
because no one sees
it. Truth arise, even
if there be no public
support. It is self

"A man is
but the merchandise
of his thoughts.
What he thinks, he grows

"The weak will never
forgive. absolution is
the attribute of the robust."

                                                        Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

We should become the
change we would like to ascertain."

"I see your beauty.
I hear your would like,
I feel your feelings.
My knowledge flows from
the highest supply.
I salute that supply in you."
Let us Work along."

"Anger and intolerance square measure the Enemies
of correct understanding."

"Infinite try to be the simplest is man's
duty: it's its own reward. Everything
else is in God's Hands."

"Prayer isn't asking. it's a yearning of
the soul. Is is daily admission of one's
weakness. it's higher in prayer to own a
heart while not words than words
without a Heart."
                                     Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

"You should not lose religion in humanity.
Humanity is AN ocean,
If some drops of the ocean square measure dirty,
the ocean doesn't become dirty.

"Freedom is not value
having if it doesn't
include the liberty
to make mistakes."

"The future
depends on
what we have a tendency to kill
the gift."

"victory attaines by violence
is same to a conquer, for it's short."

                                                         Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

My uniform proficiency has convinced Pine Tree State
that there's no alternative god sincerity truth."

"An unjust law
is itself a kind of violence."

"Earth provides enough to
satisfy each man's wants,
but not each man's greed."

"Live as if you were
to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were
to live forever."

"A nation's greatness is measured
by however it treats its weakest members."

"Vaccination may be a barbarous
practice and one among the foremost
fatal of all the delusions
current in our time.
Conscientious objectors to
vaccinations ought to stand
alone, if need be, against
the whole world, in defense
of their conviction."

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