Mahatma Gandhi Peace Quotes

"It is simple to face with the group. It takes bravery to stand alone. "Nobody will hurt Maine without My permission...

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Quotes

mahatma gandhi quotes

"It is simple to face
with the group.
It takes bravery
to stand alone.

"Nobody will hurt Maine
without My permission."

The man of prayer
will be dead with
himself and with
the whole world."

"A satyagrahi has infinite
patience, copious religion
in others and ample hope."

                                                      Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

"All compromise is predicated on offer
and take. however there will be no
give and war fundamentals.
Any compromise on mere
fundamentals could be a surrender. For
it is all offer and no take."

"Strength doesnot come back from physical
capacity. It comes from associate never-say-die

"When i love the
wonder of a sunset or
the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in
worship of the author.

"Argue evil with evil
won't facilitate anyone.
By forgiving you
release yourself from
those bonds and
move onward!!!!!

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"It is man's justice to girl. If by strength is supposed
brute strength, then, indeed, is girl less brute than man.
If by strength is supposed ethical power,
then girl is boundlessly
man's superior.....
without her man couldn't be.
If non-violence is that the law of our being.
The future is with girl......"

"Confession of errors is sort of a broom that sweeps
away the dirt and leave the surface brighter and
clearer. I feel stronger for confession."

"Abstinence is forgiveness
only when there's
power to punish; it's
meaningless once it
pretends to proceed
from a helpless creature."

"Education within the
understanding of citizenship
is a short-run affair if
we square measure honest and earnest."

                                                            Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

"Mass illiteracy is India's
sin and shame and should be

"Non-Violence is that the
greatest force at the
disposal of world.
It is mightier than the
fearsome weapon of
shattering devised by
the ingenuity of man."

"When i despair, i keep in mind that each one through
history the manner of truth and love have
always won. There are tyrants and
murderers, and for a time, they will appear
invincible, however within the finish, they forever fall."

"No-one outside of yourself will
actually management however you're feeling.
Thinking like this makes a
lifes pot easier and additional

"Each night, when i move
to sleep, I die.
And the first light,
When i awaken,
I am converted.

"There could be a sufficiency
in the world for man's
need however not for man's

"I suppose leadership
at just once meant
muscles; however nowadays it
means obtaining on
with individuals."

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