Mahatma Gandhi Wisdom Quotes

"Mass direct action is like associate earthquake, a sort of general upheaval on the political plane." "Keep your ...

Mahatma Gandhi Wisdom Quotes

 gandhi wisdom quotes

"Mass direct action is
like associate earthquake, a sort
of general upheaval
on the political plane."

"Keep your thoughts favourable because
your thoughts become your expression.
Keep your words positive because
your words become your behavior.
your behavior becomes your habits.
Keep your habits positive because
your habits become  your values.
Keep your worth positive because
your values grow your destiny."

"An eyes for
eyes solely closes
up making
the whole world
                                                         Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

As kinsfolk,
Our distinction
Lies not most
In having the ability to
Remake the planet,
As in having the ability to
remake privately.

"Live as if you
were to perish.
Learn as if
you were to
live forever."

"Man typically becomes what he
believes himself to be. If i persevere
saying to myself that i cannot do a
certain issue, it's attainable that i could
end by very turning into incapable of
doing it. On the contrary, if i have
the belief that i will be intimate, i shall
surely acquire the capability to try and do it
even if i could not have it at the

"If patience is with something, it should endure
to the tip of your time.  And a living religion
will last within the inside of the blackest storm.""

                                                        Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

"It has continually been a mystery to
me however Pine Tree Staten will feel themselves
admire by the mortification of
their fellow beings.""

"Seven deadly Sins.Wealth while not
work. Pleasure while not conscience;
Science while not Humanity. Knowledge
without character. Politics while not
principle; Commerce while not morality,
worship while not sacrifice.""

"Whenever you're
confronted with associate
Conquer him with

"One of the foremost sincere
forms of respect is truly
listening to what another
has to say.""

"It is unwise to take care of
one's own knowledge. it's healthy
to be reminded that the
strongest would possibly weaken and also the
wisest would possibly err.""

                                                                  Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

"When you stop chasing
the wrong things,
You provide the correct things
a chance to catch you.""

"Learn to declare 'no' to the great thus
we can say 'yes' to the most effective.""

"Do over belong; participate.
Do over care; facilitate,
Do ore than believe; observe,
Do over be fair; be kind.
Do over forgive; forget.
Do over dream; work."

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